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MSBTE 412-E, Shivaji Nagar, Bahirat Patil Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra 411016 Phone: 020 2565 6994 Founded: August 1963 Autonomous Board of Education MSBTE Official Updates, Get msbte updates related to online result 2020 2020 msbte login msbte hall ticket msbte result summer/winter 2020

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

MSBTE Time-Table Examination Schedule (ONLINE)


Msbte Time table is now available at all msbte official portals including, candidates are kindly requested to follow recommended guidelines to download the examination schedules. MSBTE diploma timetable 2020 for all semesters including old schedules is now online. Now diploma in pharmacy students can also download timetable from our portals. Timetable for msbte is now accessible for everyone, make sure to use recommended portals for downloading timetables. This portal is exclusively developed for msbte updates only.
This is final examination timetable for all candidates who are going to attend exams
  • MSBTE timetable: examination schedule
msbte time table: Maharashtra state board of technical education (M.S.B.T.E) recently released timetable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. MSBTE announced exact exam dates for diploma students. This update is valid for all candidates under msbte and its affiliated colleges.
  • MSBTE timetable (final) institution wise
msbte announced timetable institution wise, candidates have to select institution corresponding code to access timetable. (note: timetable is available in pdf format)
  • MSBTE timetable course wise
this year msbte had introduced a new procedure to download timetable by submitting course code and semester details, after entering all details, please click on course wise timetable to view/download summer/winter timetable.
  • MSBTE timetable by day wise
msbte made things easier than before, students can download their final exam timetable by day. This process is useful for candidates who are re-attending exams. To view timetable by day wise, just select day and co-relating slot (morning/evening) and hit day-wise msbte timetable button.

MSBTE Institute-wise WINTER 2020 FINAL Time Table

MSBTE Institute-wise Summer 2020 PROPOSED Time Table
Select Institute : OR
Institute Code : 
MSBTE Course-wise Summer 2020 PROPOSED Time Table
Course Code :
Master Code:
MSBTE Day-wise Summer 2020 PROPOSED Time Table
Day : 
Slot :
MSBTE Paper Code-wise Summer 2020 PROPOSED Time Table
Paper Code : 
The state board of technical education msbte officially published timetable, for all semesters. Pre exam updates are published followed by main exam timetable
MSBTE timetable: (Examination Schedule)

Msbte timetable through paper code

Students of msbte can now use “timetable through paper code” feature to immediately download timetable. Students are requested to keep your paper code handy to access particular part of timetable. This feature is specially made for candidates who had failed/re-attending msbte examination.

Downloading msbte timetable through center

Msbte timetable can be downloaded by entering name of your center which is listed in your hall ticket. Just type your center name and you can directly download specific part of timetable. Note: students need to be patient while using this feature.
  • Msbte have complete authority to change/modify/update scheduled exam timetable.
  • Its highly recommended to use m.s.b.t.e portals for downloading all sensitive information
  • Msbte conducts examinations in 18 working days, (modification of timetable will be intimated using web portals and social media pages.
  • MSBTE had excluded Sundays and public holidays and scheduled timetable according to it.

Instructions to download msbte timetable:

  • maintains official timetable (click here)
  • Download timetable/exam schedule according to selected course
  • A pdf file will be downloaded from (please wait for final timetable.

Msbte timetable 2020 diploma:

In 2020 msbte had made lots of changes to its site and made things easier. Candidates under msbte state board can get exact same date sheet from This site deals with all msbte related updates including msbte result and hall tickets. The aspirants from various disciplines including civil, computer science, mechanical, pharma and other main streams can use this update to check their examination schedule. The backlog exam timetable will be announced from
The scheduled examination dates may change according to m.s.b.t.e, candidates are kindly requested to use to view the changes to timetable.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

MSBTE Most Important FAQ

F.1) What is the role of MSBTE in MS-CIT?
Examination body appointed by Government as per GR no. M.A.T.A.N.T.R.A.
3700/ (132/ 2000) /TE / dt 3rd Oct 2000)
Conducting online MS-CIT exam
Declaring results & issuing certificates to successful candidates/ learners.
Verification of certificate on request of Government departments or other
Issue of Duplicate certificate in case of loss of original certificate
Minor name correction
About Examination
F.1) How frequently we conduct MS-CIT examination?
Since April 2010 the examination is conducted every month.
F.2) How to enroll for MS-CIT?
Candidate / learner should visit know the
detailed procedure for enrollment.
About Photos & Signature
F.1) Which Photograph should be accepted from learners by ALC?
Latest Photo representing the existing age and identity of the learner shall
be accepted. Old photos not representing existing age or identity should not
be accepted.
While accepting the Photograph it should be ascertained that the
photograph fulfills the criterion and norms set by MKCL.
The Photographs not meeting the criterion or not as per set norms are the
cause of Rejection.
F.2) What should be the size of Photograph?
Photo shall have size as 80 X 107 pixels in portrait style.
Smaller size Photos with extended frames or border should not be accepted.
F.3) What should be the size of signature?
Signature shall have size as 80 X 35pixels in portrait style. The signature shall
be distinctly visible and legible.
In case of physically challenged persons who are unable to sign, their
appropriate Thumb impression shall be provided.
F.4) In what position the Photo should have been taken?
Photo should be taken from front exhibiting the full face and both Ears
In case the learner is normally using any kind of head gear the photograph
with head gear is acceptable but the full Face of the learner must be clearly
& distinctly visible in photograph.
F.5) Whether photo should be colored or Black & White?
Photo may be colored or Black and white, but is should be clear, without any
Overlay of color, without Shadow, or Overexposed or Hazy.
In any case the Face of learner must be clearly & distinctly visible in
F.6) What action is expected from ALC /TLC/ LLC or any concerned persons when
Photograph is rejected?
The ALC / TLC / LLC or any concerned person should understand the cause
of Rejection and then take remedial action and again Re-upload the
photograph within the given schedule.
Photos duly corrected but Re-uploaded after given date are not considered
for Examination

MSBTE Exam Form (Final) MSBTE Online

MSBTE Exam form: Last date (Full Details)

The exam form for msbte is now available at (Summer/Winter) 2020 (official) Candidates can login to msbte portals using their login credentials (Do not enter any of your username and password in third party websites)
Candidates have to use their registration id and password to fill exam form, and secure verification code (captcha) and press login button.
In case if you lost your institution password contact or your respective institute officials. This update is applicable for all diploma candidates over various streams.
The Maharashtra state board of technical education ( is officially opens exam form login, candidates can start their form filing process from today onwards, for upcoming examinations. The same update is available on and as well as All changes in examination will be intimated through this portal.
It is highly recommended to check official pdf regarding exam fee and exam form notification before form filling process. (Download Official pdf now)
The Schedule of on line process of filling of examination forms was declared vide Circular no. 88A dated 23-02-2020. Almost all the institutes responded positively till now and filled in examination forms on line. However, as it has been reported that some students could not confirm the examination forms due to non- availability of results.
The schedule has been revised as mentioned below. The Summer- 2010 practical examination is commencing from April 06, 2020for which pre-examination documents need to be generated. Therefore, all Institutes should follow the schedule very strictly. Further, extension on any grounds shall not be granted. Institutes should confirm the forms on every day, till March 17th only. The Institutes should prepare detailed semester wise/ course wise schedule to avoid problems of uploading. They should give further schedule for confirmation but not later than 20th The forms filled in so far should be confirmed by ROBTE immediately as per earlier schedule


Web Portal manager to display on web.
You can also use this portal to Check MSBTE Result ( ** No Delay **)

Official details and dates regarding MSBTE Exam form

Enrollment / Exam Form Login

Can’t read the image? click here to refresh.

MSBTE Hall ticket will be updated soon at our official portals; candidates can use (Fast Updates portal) We have also placed some important references for faster navigation. The students who are looking for updates regarding backlog exam form are situated inside msbte exam form login portal. (Important dates will be announced soon through

Guide to Fill MSBTE Exam Form Online

Exam form filling is regular process where every student is undergone through it every year. Candidates have two stages in this process which is listed below:
  1. Using Candidate login
  2. Using Institute login
Here is brief answer for “how to fill msbte exam form?”
  • Use your institution provided candidate login details and fill all details accurately.
  • After entering all details, please do recheck and take a copy.
  • Then (For institutes): One of our official staff uploads your details from msbte institute login portal. (Official use only)
  • Add DD details (Net banking feature is also available)
If you are facing any issues/trouble in filling your exam form contact us using comment section below. Our official team will guide you.

MSBTE Online examination subjects Management


(ISO/IEC – 27001 2005 Certified)
The Principal,
All affiliated polytechnics
Subject : Conduction of Online examination for the subjects Management (17601) and
Advance Java Programming (17625) during Summer 2015.
You are aware of the fact that Management (Subject Code 17601, which is a common subject to all branches) and Advanced Java Programming (Subject code 17625, for Computer Group) subjects are evaluated through online examination from Summer 2015. Examination centre with following infrastructure requirements has to be established in all institutes on priority basis.
I -Laptop- (local server)any machine with minimum I GB RAM
2LAN connectionworking condition LAN connection with minimum 40 clients connected to server.
31 Net Setterwith minimum 2 mbps speed
4UPS1 KVA online UPS with minimum 2 hours backup.
5TerminalPC with 1 GB RAM, Network connectivity and browser, client should have LAN connectivity
6Power BackupUse Generator as power backup for all machines at the time of exam. Ensure that the generator has capacity to run continuously for minimum three hours.
N.B. The above mentioned specification is the basic minimum requirement. Additional capacity or multiple setups are appreciated.
In order to check the readiness of institutes for online examination, it is decided to conduct the second class test for the subject in online mode. In this background, you are hereby informed to setup the infrastructure in your institute and keep it ready for the second class test by
               This activity is to be taken on top priority and complied with efficiently.
(Dr. Vinod M.M0hitkar) Secretary
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-400051.
Copy submitted to :
  1. Hon ‘ble Director, MSBTE, Mumbai for infomation.
  2. Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad for followup at regional level.
SUB — Examination form filling in case of “A” Scheme students appearing for equivalent “G” Scheme subject in Summer — 2015
REF – l) No.MSBTlì/D+O/Equivalent/2014-15/1499, date 24.22015 2) No.MSBTE/D50/Equivalent/2014-15/1501, date 24.2.2015
With reference to above the equivalent subjects for “A” Scheme subjects in “G” Scheme are notified. The examination forms of those students for Summer 201 5 are now being made available and the schedule of examination form filling activity is as under;
Sr.N0.ActivityTarget student groupSchedule
l .Examination form filling (Normal fee)“X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme27/02/to
2.Examination form filling
(with Rs.200/- late fee)
“X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme06/03/to
1 0/03/
3.Examination form filling
(with IQs. 1500/- Penalty)
“X” students of “A” Scheme appearing for equivalent subjects in “G” Scheme1 1/03/ to
1 5/03/
The students filling examination form under this provision shall abide by the following conditions.
In case the students will have to appear for the examination of more than one subject on the same day and same session of examination on account of the equivalent subjects offered, Such clashes are identified and brought to the notice of student at the time of examination form filling.  In case of clash, the student is given option to choose one subject out of the number of subjects in the clash. The student has to select one subject and confirm accordingly.
The student has provision to appear for the unchosen subject in the next examination.
All Concerned shall abide by the above condition for smooth Conduct of Summer -2015 examination.
M.S.Board of Technical Education,
Mumbai -400 05 1

MSBTE exam circular No: 65855445



(ISO/IEC – 27001 – 2005 Certified)
No./MSBTE/D42/2015/Registration of Subject Expert/ 1-vDate :
Important Circular
  • All affiliated polytechnics
  • All autonomous polytechnics.
Subiect : Registration of subject experts for preparation of question bank for Management
(17601) and Advance Java Programming (17625)
The work of question bank preparation of subjects mentioned above is commencing shortly. The participation of experienced subject experts in the said work is necessary to develop an abundant question bank.
An online module for registration of subject expert is made available in the institute login. The last date for registration of subject expert is 15/01/2015. You are hereby informed to take all initiatives at your institute level to register all experienced faculty for the concerned subjects.
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-400051.
Copy submitted to :
  1. Hon’ble Director, MSBTE, Mumbai for information.
  2. Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad for followup at regional level.

Sub:- Online Examination of Environmental Studies (O.P.Code 17401) and Computer Fundamentals (17002)

Online examinations of Environmental studies and Computer Fundamentals for winter 2014 examination is scheduled between 1 st Nov. to 10th Nov 2014.
Infrastructure required: To conduct online examination of above subject needs infrastructure as per the details below;
  • Computer Centre with 1 + 20 or 1 + 30 LAN Network group. (If higher LAN Network is possible, it is preferable).
  • Internet connectivity of at least 1 Mbps bandwidth.

Guide lines for Online examination in Environmental studies

  • Institute is required to login through the website address used of academic monitoring. A separate link for online examination of environmental studies is provided in the login.
  • Preferably laptop with minimum of two hours backup may be used as a server to overcome power failure problems
  • All required information and instructions are available after on the examination link
Guide lines for Online examination in Computer Fundamentals
  • All requiœd passwords will be sent on authorized email Id provided by MSBTE i.e.
  • Internal examiner is required to enter skill test marks online before start of examination page I of2
  • Ensure that skill test marks for all the students appearing for examination present or absent are entered before surrender of examination.
  • As marks obtained by each student will be taken through online examination only, filling of e-marksheet is not required. Hence no separate Emarksheet for filling marks is generated.
General Guidelines:
  • Institutes are here by instructed to conduct mock test as usual before start of examination on first day.
  • The appointment of controller for the online examination as per the requirement at respective institutes shall be done by respective Regional Office.
The online examination shall preferably be concluded on or before 08/11/2014 and under any condition shall not exceed beyond 10/11/2014.
(Dr. Vinod M. Mohitkar) Secretary,
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai-51.
Copy to: 1) Director , Maharashtra State Board of technical Education, Mumbai
2) Deputy Secretary, RBTE Mumbai / Pune / Nagpur / Aurangabad.
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1MSBTE exam form Details (last date/time for all semesters
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3Industrial Training program (MSBTE) mumbai for Faculties from
It and Computer Science Department from 13th to Sept 17
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engg department from 12th Sept to 14th Sep Check in Detailed
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5MSBTE students are invited for Technical paper presentation for pharma
dept – Aurangabad rejion Check In Detail
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6Technical Paper presentation for candidates who belong to Electrical
Group of NIT poly. Mumbai Date Sept 14th 2020
7 SEPCheck Now
7MSBTE PUNE invites all Computer group students for paper Presentation
candidates are requested to download official broutcure for more details
7 SEPCheck Now
8To the all Mechinical students of MSBTE – Paper presentation will be
conducted on 15th Sep 2020 Candidates can participate
7 SEPCheck Now
9MSBTE model answer papers for All semester, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year
candidates Check using this link (msbte online model papers)
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10Dipuetation of Sample model paper MSBTE 1st Semester for I scheme
students only Check update and download model Paper
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11msbte exam form last date winter 2020 Latest Notification about msbte
form filling recently updated
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date/time/slot/scheduled information now
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official portals now – Check Now to download schedule
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14MSBTE Timetable Winter will be published soon Check now using and portal 5-AUG-2020 8:30PM
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15Download Important MSBTE application forms in PDF format application
form for Migration and Duplicate Download
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16MSBTE Exam formUpatedCheck Now
17MSBTE Result for Rechecking (only for final Year Students Check
now using msbte mirror portal Summer
3 MARCheck Now
18Rechecking Result Declared Check now for all Semesters for
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th semesters all Year msbte students check now
18 MARCheck Now
19MSBTE main exam results/Semester examination result Check now online portal for result updates
2 MARCheck Now
20MSBTE rescheduled time table updated here clean update on changed
timetable updated on 09:35 today
2 FEBCheck Now
21MSBTE S17 Summer Examination result date and time declared result date
2 FEBCheck Now
22MSBTE update number 5478 notification on msbte online Examination
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Maharashtra state board of technical education 2019-2020 Updates

This portal is designed to deliver latest msbte updates for 1st 2nd and 3rd year students. Candidates can check exam result for summer and winter from here. Previously msbte results were declared at 10-Jan-2020.  The academic calendar for 2020 and 2018 is available now. The candidates who had not downloaded their academic calendar can download from here. (Link to Download) Updated on 15-06-2020 (latest)
MSBTE results:  The latest updates/circulars/announcements about msbte will be published here. This link will provide you msbte latest result update for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th semesters.
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MSBTE theory and practical examination dates are placed @ above table candidates are requested to refer table1 to get details about scheduled dates or use portal to check.
MSBTE Diploma result will be published here, the theory examinations are scheduled in the month of November. After conducting theory exams the valuation process will be started. For more instant updates check links given below.


Where can i get msbte model question papers?
We maintail all model papers from the year 2012 to 2020, you can also get it from here. (or) Google Search model question papers.
How to apply for my duplicate mark sheet (msbte)
Download application form from here, and pay minimum fee to msbte and collect your duplicate documents with in 3 to 4 days.
When msbte provides certificates (completed candidates)
Diploma certificates are issued after processing all re checking and re assessment results. The certificates are issued through msbte official regional centers only.
How to view photocopy of my answerhseet?
After declaration of result, candidates will get notified from, under notification section (Regarding photocopy). Students can also use msbte online portal to access photocopies of answer book


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