MSBTE Details Regarding Proposed RK - Update

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education has introduced from Summer-2020 examinations, the facility of providing photocopy of assessed answer books to the examinees. MSBTE also has made the provision of reassessment of the assessed answer books in case the student feels the need for reassessment after seeing photocopy.

msbte Official circular

The Examination Regulation RG 9K facilitates the above two needs. However the number of subjects for which an examinee can apply for photocopy is restricted to two per semester and the examinee is permitted for reassessment of the subjects in which s/he has procured the photocopy. The fee for photocopy and reassessment is charged at Rs. 5001-(nonrefundable) for each step.

The above provisions of MSBTE are to provide fair opportunity to the examinees to get their grievance redressed. At the same time MSBTE is also needed to stick to the time schedules as per academic calendar and also not to overburden the teaching faculty in polytechnic with paper assessment and reassessinent activities when they are busy with academics in their institutes.

Hence a cap was placed on the nuinber of subjects per semester. Over the years, repeated requests have cropped up before MSBTE to consider requests for photocopying and reassessinent for subjects more than the permitted numbers. The grievance of students and the institutes are increasing over the days.

Photocopying and reassessment in more number of papers results in increased nuinber of reassessinent cases which in turn warrants increased numbers of faculty. As the academic interest of affiliated institutes is involved, MSBTE has decided to seek opinion fioiu all the affiliated polytechnics and Pharmacy institutes through questionnaire.

The heads of all affiliated institutes are hereby inforined to participate in this exercise by filling the qi~estioi~naire made available to institutes in the institute login. However as your opinion weighs oil tlie decision making of MSBTE, you are inforined to have a thorough discussioi~ with the faculty in your institution about the content of this circular and the questionnaire before offering your valiled opinion on or before 1 8/03/20 1 3. 


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