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MSBTE Time-Table Examination Schedule (ONLINE)

MSBTE TIMETABLE Msbte Time table is now available at all msbte official portals including, candidates are kindly requested to follow recommended guidelines to download the examination schedules. MSBTE diploma timetable 2020 for all semesters including old schedules is now online. Now diploma in pharmacy students can also download timetable from our portals. Timetable for msbte is now accessible for everyone, make sure to use recommended portals for downloading timetables. This portal is exclusively developed for msbte updates only. This is final examination timetable for all candidates who are going to attend exams MSBTE timetable: examination schedule msbte time table: Maharashtra state board of technical education (M.S.B.T.E) recently released timetable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. MSBTE announced exact exam dates for diploma students. This update is valid for all candidates under msbte and its affiliated colleges. MSBTE timetable (final) institutio

MSBTE Most Important FAQ

F.1) What is the role of MSBTE in MS-CIT? Examination body appointed by Government as per GR no. M.A.T.A.N.T.R.A. 3700/ (132/ 2000) /TE / dt 3rd Oct 2000) Conducting online MS-CIT exam Declaring results & issuing certificates to successful candidates/ learners. Verification of certificate on request of Government departments or other bodies Issue of Duplicate certificate in case of loss of original certificate Minor name correction About Examination F.1) How frequently we conduct MS-CIT examination? Since April 2010 the examination is conducted every month. F.2) How to enroll for MS-CIT? Candidate / learner should visit know the detailed procedure for enrollment. About Photos & Signature F.1) Which Photograph should be accepted from learners by ALC? Latest Photo representing the existing age and identity of the learner shall be accepted. Old photos not representing existing age or identity should not be accepted. While acce

MSBTE Exam Form (Final) MSBTE Online

MSBTE Exam form: Last date (Full Details) The exam form for msbte is now available at (Summer/Winter) 2020 (official) Candidates can login to msbte portals using their login credentials ( Do not enter any of your username and password in third party websites) Candidates have to use their registration id and password to fill exam form, and secure verification code (captcha) and press login button. In case if you lost your institution password contact   [email protected]  or your respective institute officials. This update is applicable for all diploma candidates over various streams. The Maharashtra state board of technical education ( is officially opens exam form login, candidates can start their form filing process from today onwards, for upcoming examinations. The same update is available on and as well as All changes in examination will be intimated through this  portal. It is highly recommended to ch

MSBTE Online examination subjects Management

MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (Autonomous) (ISO/IEC – 27001 2005 Certified) The Principal, All affiliated polytechnics Subject  : Conduction of Online examination for the subjects Management (17601) and Advance Java Programming (17625) during Summer 2015. You are aware of the fact that Management (Subject Code 17601, which is a common subject to all branches) and Advanced Java Programming (Subject code 17625, for Computer Group) subjects are evaluated through online examination from Summer 2015. Examination centre with following infrastructure requirements has to be established in all institutes on priority basis. Sr. No. Details Specification I -Laptop- (local server) any machine with minimum I GB RAM 2 LAN connection working condition LAN connection with minimum 40 clients connected to server. 3 1 Net Setter with minimum 2 mbps speed 4 UPS 1 KVA online UPS with minimum 2 hours backup. 5 Terminal PC with 1 GB RAM, Network connectivity and bro

MSBTE exam circular No: 65855445

Contents     hide   1   MAHARASHTRA STATE 2   BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. 3   Sub:- Online Examination of Environmental Studies (O.P.Code 17401) and Computer Fundamentals (17002) 3.1   Guide lines for Online examination in Environmental studies MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. (Autonomous) (ISO/IEC – 27001 – 2005 Certified) No./MSBTE/D42/2015/Registration of Subject Expert/ 1 -v Date : Important Circular To, All affiliated polytechnics All autonomous polytechnics. Subiect  : Registration of subject experts for preparation of question bank for Management (17601) and Advance Java Programming (17625) The work of question bank preparation of subjects mentioned above is commencing shortly. The participation of experienced subject experts in the said work is necessary to develop an abundant question bank. An online module for registration of subject expert is made available in the institute login. The last date for registration