Handling MSBTE Theory and practical Mark Sheets (Official use Only)


The following guidelines are given for handling these mark sheets so that free flow of marksheets is maintained.

Guide-lines :

  • The theory and practical mark sheets shall be handed over to RBTE by MSBTE for distribution to institutes along with envelopes for keeping these mark sheets without fold.
  • The institutions shall check serial Sheet Numbers of Mark sheets issued to them by RBTE and will also ascertain that they have received all the mark sheets required by them.
  • In the case of theory mark sheets the institutions shall write the various codes given by MSBTE under new norms. After writing these codes the mark sheets shall be kept in specially supplied packets.  For this purpose, two separate packets shall be prepared for each lot and for each branch also.  One packet shall be used for keeping mark sheets of 1st semester/1st year of a particular branch and other packets shall be used for keeping marksheets of 2nd year/semester and 3rd year/semester theory mark sheets of the same branch.  In these packets no other documents shall be kept.  In no case the mark sheets shall be folded.  Therefore, maximum care should be taken while packing the mark sheets.
  • The institute examination center will hand over theory mark sheets packets to the Distribution center.  The distribution center will hand over these packets to RAC in sealed condition without folding it.
  • The mark sheet envelopes should not be sealed by using sealing wax, instead they should be closed by using Gum. Joints of envelopes shall be signed by the Officer incharge and over his signature transparent adhesive tape shall be affixed.
  • The Officer in charge of ARC will check and observe that marksheets are neither received in folded condition nor it is folded in RAC. On completion of assessment the officer in charge RAC shall arrange the marksheets of each institute in sequential ascending order and shall keep in one packet and submit the same to the RBTE as per schedule given.  This procedure shall be adopted every time when marksheets are submitted to RBTE.
  • The RBTE will receive the mark-sheets from RAC and will verify it from the inventory given to them. The inventory for theory mark-sheets shall be supplied to RAC at RBTE so that both of them can control the inventroy of mark-sheets.
  • In case of practical/oral/Teamwork mark-sheets, the examiner shall write marks and the codes as per new norms for filling the mark-sheets.  On filling the complete mark-sheets the examiner shall write the totals as per the new norms given above.  Once the mark sheets is completely filled it will be signed by the examiner.  Marksheets of Practical/Oral/Term-work of one subject heads shall be kept in one packet e.g. if surveying subjects has practical and term-work assessment, then those mark-sheets of Practical and Term-work shall be kept in one packet. Pharmacy Diploma mark-sheet for Theory Sessionals (TM) and Practical Sessional (PM) of a particular subjects shall be kept in one packet only.  The examiners shall keep these mark-sheets in the envelope supplied for keeping practical/oral/term-work marksheets.  These packets shall be closed by using gum.  The joint of the packets shall be signed by the external examiners over which transparent adhesive tapes shall be affixed.  In these packets no other documents shall be kept.  All other documents shall be submitted separately to RBTE.  The usual information about the subject number of candidates, date of examination, etc.  shall be written over the packets.
  • The institute and RBTE shall be provided with inventory for practical/oral/term-work mark-sheets. One copy will be provided to both of them.  The institute shall carry their copy of inventory to RBTE at the time of submitting the marksheets as per schedule given.  The RBTE shall open these packets, verify the marksheets as per inventory and arrange all mark-sheets of a particular institute in sequential ascending order and keep it in a separate envelope.  The RBTE shall prepare separate envelope for each institute and seal them as per the procedure given above.  All such packets will  be submitted by RBTE to MSBTE as per given programme.
  • The Incharge at MSBTE shall receive the marksheets from RBTE. He will open these packets and check with the inventory at MSBTE and shall give receipt to the RBTE. These marksheets received in lot shall be arranged in batches and shall be handed over for further process to the concerned staff.

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