MSBTE Most Important FAQ

F.1) What is the role of MSBTE in MS-CIT?
Examination body appointed by Government as per GR no. M.A.T.A.N.T.R.A.
3700/ (132/ 2000) /TE / dt 3rd Oct 2000)
Conducting online MS-CIT exam
Declaring results & issuing certificates to successful candidates/ learners.
Verification of certificate on request of Government departments or other
Issue of Duplicate certificate in case of loss of original certificate
Minor name correction
About Examination
F.1) How frequently we conduct MS-CIT examination?
Since April 2010 the examination is conducted every month.
F.2) How to enroll for MS-CIT?
Candidate / learner should visit know the
detailed procedure for enrollment.
About Photos & Signature
F.1) Which Photograph should be accepted from learners by ALC?
Latest Photo representing the existing age and identity of the learner shall
be accepted. Old photos not representing existing age or identity should not
be accepted.
While accepting the Photograph it should be ascertained that the
photograph fulfills the criterion and norms set by MKCL.
The Photographs not meeting the criterion or not as per set norms are the
cause of Rejection.
F.2) What should be the size of Photograph?
Photo shall have size as 80 X 107 pixels in portrait style.
Smaller size Photos with extended frames or border should not be accepted.
F.3) What should be the size of signature?
Signature shall have size as 80 X 35pixels in portrait style. The signature shall
be distinctly visible and legible.
In case of physically challenged persons who are unable to sign, their
appropriate Thumb impression shall be provided.
F.4) In what position the Photo should have been taken?
Photo should be taken from front exhibiting the full face and both Ears
In case the learner is normally using any kind of head gear the photograph
with head gear is acceptable but the full Face of the learner must be clearly
& distinctly visible in photograph.
F.5) Whether photo should be colored or Black & White?
Photo may be colored or Black and white, but is should be clear, without any
Overlay of color, without Shadow, or Overexposed or Hazy.
In any case the Face of learner must be clearly & distinctly visible in
F.6) What action is expected from ALC /TLC/ LLC or any concerned persons when
Photograph is rejected?
The ALC / TLC / LLC or any concerned person should understand the cause
of Rejection and then take remedial action and again Re-upload the
photograph within the given schedule.
Photos duly corrected but Re-uploaded after given date are not considered
for Examination


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