All marks must be written in dark block colour by ball pen only. Pencil or Ink Pen should not be used for writing the marks.

  • Each marksheet contains four vertical columns and each column contains 20 seat numbers. These seat numbers are arranged vertically in ascending order from top to bottom.  Against each seat number three blank boxes are provided for filling the marks obtained by the candidates.  All marks must be written in three digits only.  When the candidate obtains marks either in two digits or in single digit  the marks should be written with leading zero.  For example, if a candidate gets 36 marks then it should be written ‘ 036 ‘ and if a candidate gets 9 marks it should be written as ‘009’.   In case a candidate obtains ‘ 0 ‘ marks it should be written as ‘000’ and not in words.

  • As the marksheets are to be scanned, overwriting or use of white ink should be avoided. Utmost care should be taken while writing the marksheets.  If marks are rewritten after scratching previos marks, it must be signed by concerned examiner in frount of boxes.
  • Whenever additional seat numbers are given by the institute the same should be recorded at the end of marksheet after all the printed seat numbers are over. These seat numbers should be written in sequential ascending order.  Additional marksheets should be used only if the number of candidates on one marksheet exceeds 80 for that particular subject.  The marksheet should be given same sheet number as that of printed marksheet of same subject with Suffix – A.
  • Whenever addittional marksheet is to be used, all information in the Heading should be written except code number in quite legible handwriting by using black colour ball pen only.
  • Whenver candidate’s seat numbers appears in the marksheets but his answer paper is not available then any of the following appropriate code should be written in the marksheets against the Seat numbers using black colour thick ball pen.
  • When candidate is allowed to appear for that subject but remains absent then Code ‘401’ should be written.
  • Whenever the candidate is disallowed from appearing to the examination the code ‘402’ should be written.
  • If a candidate has appeared for the examination but he is caught in the use of unfair means case then code ‘403’ should be written against his seat number.
  • When the candidate’s seat number is appearing in marksheets and the candidate has already passed in that subject in previous examination and he is not appearing for class improvement or reappearing in that subject, then Code ‘404’ which means passed in previous examination should be written. In this case, no marks should be written in red ink or no history should be given in the marksheets.
  • In case the candidate is given two seat numbers for the same examination, and institute is permitting him to appear on the particular seat number, his marks will be written against the permitted Seat number only. The other seat number should be treated as deleted and Code ‘405″ should be written against such seat number.  This remark will automatically delete the seat number from the record and his result with that seat number will not be declared.
  • Whenver the candidate is granted exemption by the Board in a particular subject, the code ‘406’ should be written against the seat number of the candidate for which the MSBTE has issued the order granting him exemption. If MSBTE has not granted any exemption to the candidate then ‘406’ code should not be written instead code ‘401’ should be written.
  • Whenever the course has optional subjects and the candidates are appearing to any one of the optional subject, Board is issuing marksheet for both subjects, under such circumstances in the marksheet for optional subject Code ‘407’ should be written.
  • If the candidate’s seat number is printed in the marksheets and is not among the category in (i) to (vii)above, which means Any Other case, Code ‘408’ should be written.
  • If the candidates who are admitted directly to the 2nd year or 3rd year or to appropriate semesters, their seat numbers will appear in all the subjects of previous year or semester, as they have to appear for backlog subjects.  In such case, the candidate has to appear for only few subjects as per the eligibility letter of the Board.  In such situation, the code ‘406’ should be written for the subject for which candidate is not required to appear.  In no case remarks ‘401’ or ‘402’ should be written against his seat number.
  • Whenever, the candidate is appearing for class improvement or is appearing under the category of reappearing, the candidate is required to appear for all the subjects mentioned in his permission letter, all though he has already passed in some subjects in previous examination. Under these circumstances it should be verified whether the candidate’s seat number is appearing in the marksheet of those subjects for which he has to appear.  In case, candidate’s seat number is not printed in the marksheets of the subject for which he is required to appear the same should be written manually in respective marksheet.  If the candidate does not appear for the subjects in which he is required to appear then Code ‘401’ should be written against his seat number and no other remarks or ‘404’ should be written against his seat number.


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