MSBTE PHOTOCOPY & Reassessment result


Ref: Post result circular no. MSBTE/D-40/b-06/b-45/2011/40 dated February 8,

All the Institutes and Students are informed that the online application process is scheduled for ORDINARY VERIFICATION, OBTAINING PHOTOCOPY and applying for REASSESSMENT since February 17, . The procedure is same as that of filling examination forms. You are requested to follow the guidelines & schedule given below.

Download now: Verification Reassessment Circular Winter 2019 Exam

The students who have already applied for ordinary verification and/or photocopy, by manually filling the application form till date, should contact Institute immediately & fill on line application form.

  • The Institute should ensure that the students applied offline shall also apply online cancelling offline application form. In absence of student/s, the Institute should fill and confirm the online application cancelling offline one.
  • The receipt issued offline shall be treated as cancelled and the receipt generated online shall be held appropriate. ( No need to mention here for not asking fees again once paid.)
  • The further procedure for confirmation by Institute and by ROBTE is exactly same as that of examination forms.
  • The Institute should not confirm unless the fee is received from the student.
  • The requisition of student/s applying online but failing to pay fees in time ,shall be treated cancelled . The student/s must ensure the confirmation by the Institute. No request afterwards either by student/s or by Institute shall be entertained for any
  • The photocopy shall be issued after due verification. Hence the student/s applying for photocopy may not apply for verification for the subjects of which photocopy is requested.
  • The Institute facing any problem should contact respective ROB TE.
  • A little modification in the schedule declared on Feb 8, 2011 is given here effecting due to online process.
  • Online processes are being developed and implemented to avoid unnecessary postal procedural delay and to erthance the accountability and transparency. All the Institutes and students should follow them for their own interest.

Dear Students, You are aware that results of winter 2020 examination have been declared on February 8, 2020. You should have analysed results of your Institute for taking necessary measures to improve further. There is no end to improvement. It is the Prime duty of Principal to analyse results and take all possible measures further to improve.

The results in some papers like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are the main concerns even to the Board. MSBTE has already initiated some steps to improve results introducing sample question papers, setting balanced question papers, making necessary changes in curriculum, etc.

In addition, I personally feel to take additional measures to improve results in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as mentioned below.

  • You should take a review of results in your Institute and analyse the reasons for poor performance.
  • Arrange a meeting with your teachers concerned and workout the methods to encourage the students.
  • You may arrange additional tutorials and get the problems solved from the students
  • You may ask teachers to give topic wise assignments to students for more practice
  • Question paper of Summer 2020 examination and Sample question paper are available on web portal, which may be solved in class
  • Additional question papers may be solved in class room
  • Aim of education is to make the students to learn. It is the duty of every teacher to simplify the subject, to develop interest to learn and to encourage them to get the success.

I sincerely invite you to join the mission of MSBTE to improve the results in above said subjects the interest of students. In addition, similarly, you should review results in other subjects at yo, Institute and take necessary measures to increase success rate of students.

I hope results in Summer 2020 examination shall be more courageous to you and to MSBTE.


What is the procedure to apply for msbte photocopy
Download Photocopy Application, and apply through your institution, Please seek official support before going thrugh this process.

How to view photo copy result
Photocopy result can be viewed from and

When photocopy result declaired
MSBTE Photocopy result will be declaired 28-Jan-2020

When msbte declares rechecking result
Currently we are accepting all applications, we will process within 6 to 7 working days.


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